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PTC “paid to click”

Well i ventured into PTC sites, and i am thinking that there is money to be made here. Basically all you do is sign up and start clicking advertisements, watch for average of 30 seconds, and get paid a fraction of a penny. Sometime you can earn more per ad depends on the PTC site or the ad itself. If you actually click your required amount per day, depends on the site. some are more than others.  You can invest and get a better percentage from your clicks, and you can also get Referrals. Getting referrals is very hard, so the sites offer rented referrals. Which you pay a certain amount to rent an actual person that clicks the ads, and you get a percentage of their clicks. The more you invest them more money you can make. You do have to watch for referrals that do not click and recycle them for another that is clicking. Each site has different rules about referral recycling. You can also get ahead by investing money for the higher tier and get many referrals right away. You can make a lot of money by doing this method, but be careful that you understand that referrals may not click, or the site may go under. So do not invest all your money into one site either.

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Making money with Fusion Cash

You get $5.00 for just signing up! I have been using Fusion Cash for a few months, and it has made me a little bit of money! I stay away from most offers. I do the daily email, paid to click will get you $.17 cents. Also the daily Surveys can earn you a potential $4.70. That’s $4.87 a day you can make. You will not get rich, but its little effort, and it does add up! Also you can earn $3.00 a month just posting on the forum! 30 posts a month, just 1 post a day, and you can earn $3.00.

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Starting out

This blog will be about trying to make some easy money online. I have been trying various ideas and sites, to try to make a buck! I will post my findings and ideas as i find them.

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